Start a multi-level rep channel on Shopify

Multi-level, unilevel or direct selling software built especially for Shopify

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* free to install / feature-based pricing

Stores trust repp

Reps are waiting

Reps comprised of your loyalists will turn your brand into a movement. Reward them with a unilevel or multi-level compensation plan for sharing what they love.

Reps know your product best

Who better to share their love for your product with the world?

Reps tell your story best

User generated content is authentic and powerful.

Reps can spark a movement

Let them turn their passion into an income.

How can we help?

I don't have a rep program

help me create one.

I'm using old software

and it's outdated.

Lowest cost and most scalable solution

Repp and Shopify give you today’s best tools to conduct business. Traditional direct selling software is outdated, expensive, and obsolete.

Powerful and easy-to-use

We make it easy for your reps to bring you sales on a contemporary system designed with mobile first.

Right tool for the right job

Shopify is the right tool for commerce. Repp is the right tool to mobilize direct selling.

Start up in minutes

Simply add our app to your Shopify store and go through the setup process in minutes. No commitment, cancel anytime. Time to fly!


Simple. Straightforward.
Low barrier to entry and onboarding.
There's a free version.


Free to install,
2.5% revenue*

Includes: Merchant & Repp Admin,
Customer / Rep / Guest Accounts,
Compensation Plan (up to 10x level),
Commissionable Volume,
E-Wallets & Payouts
Contact us for advanced product setup, compensation plan and other customization

Who We Are

We are a team of technologists that has been developing enterprise-level global direct selling software since 2005. We are passionate about the multi-level and direct sales industry as our software has helped companies enhance the lives of countless reps internationally.